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Companion, the Cold
Captive courses, emboldened hue,
Callously complacent as it
Congeals and
Compressed and
Carried in
Compulsion, spared no
Candor, it
Crafts no convolution, yet
Cynical, the carrier, believes guile of
Contrived consolidation, and granted no
Consolation in the wake of the rivers flowed, the
Character who
Contrives less than a dam, and
Cuts the courses dry.
:iconpoetmacabre:poetMacabre 1 0
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New Year
Lo! That found, I,
What was sought,-
Bereft the malice of pitiful thought,
Revered, yet besot
As exactly found was begot,
Not in the sound
Of safe that is taught,
Nor of malevolence thus caught
In the wake, then forgot-
No! No more is it found
Than the breath of me naught,
Robbed and thus forgot!
But the bliss found,
Opulent, encrowned;
A haggard birthright endowed,
At first idle, a hush, whispered sound
To which many mortal fitfully, fearfully frowned,
Tearfully frowned,
Where isolation is wrought,
And the vital have soon found...
Amidst a morbid floral stench
From which somber lips are only quenched
And greed futilely drenched,
Dutifully found
Yet purposely forgot;
One day you will rot
In a hole in the ground.
:iconpoetmacabre:poetMacabre 1 0
fallen soldier by poetMacabre fallen soldier :iconpoetmacabre:poetMacabre 7 0 music held captive by poetMacabre music held captive :iconpoetmacabre:poetMacabre 2 0
shallow stone
Subtle the welts form; fallen tears upon the pages torn
where written visions crowd the blank
and unread, it cannot thank
The Writer
who sleeps beside
And preys the wraith; haggard praises belittle faith
as though written, visions torn encourage blank
an unceasing mass will never thank
The Writer
now undignified
For easy views now show; a shared beacon, fake, now glows
as unwritten, the beacon renders minds blank
for the glow, like flies, they thank
and The Writer
nearly crucified
And a dirge in shallow stone; though en masse, all are alone
written words glow, and fade to blank
a long lost past no one will thank
and The Writers
all have died
:iconpoetmacabre:poetMacabre 1 0
Illusions from nuclear winter
    Sweetly risen from slumber's ides,
The dew of morn, the Vernal tides,
Early heaved as breaths,
rapt, as born from an awakening bossom;
Avian canticles hung as wreaths
as their flight takes forth from wooden chasm
and weave-ed cots amidst her branches,
Enticing primal warmth to scare winter's blanches.
Once rang the whistled frigid gloom,
And now, to replace, fervid, feverish bloom
and refrain
once they sang,-
thickly had hung within previous Solstice fever,
Crescendos slow into delight's leisure,
teasing the heart from gelid pang,
as one yearns for amity's pleasure.
Incipient blossom, bejeweled in releived tears
with burgeoning hues dispelling rimey fears-
All in callow form, renewed from cryonic hull
now chorus in Her supple hall;
bairn all in short respite in the lull
of gossamer streams, from azure, fall-
The maiden green longs and quiver;
The incubus within the stag shivers.
Auspicious yawns awake the morn,
and gently graced, the Spring is born.
:iconpoetmacabre:poetMacabre 2 0
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Mature content
Why in the hell did my little brother join the war :iconpoetmacabre:poetMacabre 1 1
Mature content
nature is cheeky. :iconpoetmacabre:poetMacabre 1 0
go get 'em, Tiger.
Hungry, the eyes of a hunter,
Glowering between her shrouded disguise-
Hidden in cover the foliage supplies.
Hunger, the pangs remorselessly shutter,
And slowly, she wanders her ravenous eyes...
Proweling long, she stalks in the night,
Alone in shadow, deft in moonlight.
Though heavy her might-
She weakens and quakes in the dead of the night.
Escapes not a howl nor growel or sigh,-
Not the pains of a lonely one's mutter.
She is the shroud till morning is nigh,
The one to ensnare an innocent cry;
Hungry, the eyes of a hunter.
:iconpoetmacabre:poetMacabre 2 0
wishing is a bad habit, you know.
Somber is the wonderer,
somber in the curious heart, grown fonder
of perceived devotion in the beholder’s eye;
Somber as the wonderer wanders,
somber as all dreams asunder
glisten, luminous in the star bejeweled sky.
Nothing held more fonder,
So opulent in wonder,
Richly, vastly wondrous, The dreams the wonderer scries
In the opalescent ephemera of promise in the wonderer’s eye.
And slowly creeps the shy,
Lethal, lithe, cry of somber drawing nigh,
Sly, yet sudden, ne’er a gasp or sigh decry
The creeping mourn drawn nigh.
And gaze, affixed,
Beholden, transfixed, the wonderer
to the dream of hope to plunder
as somber begets the wonder
of the wonderer defied.
And Lost, the breath is taken,
The living is forsaken
For a wonder, contorted, faken…
Wonder, wonderer, as your nails grow longer,
Your doubt growing stronger,
Your hope, as you ponder,
Glistening in your glazed eye;
With time, dreams less fonder,
Replaces all the wonder,
And surely, stopped in ponder,
Your l
:iconpoetmacabre:poetMacabre 1 0
Ulalume by poetMacabre Ulalume :iconpoetmacabre:poetMacabre 1 1


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Mature content
g o n e :iconhitako-chan:hitako-chan 2 0
watch it glisten, watch it pour
like rubies strewn across the floor.
metallic flavor upon your lips,
lathered at your fingertips.
a ruby necklace at her throat
uncovered when you took her coat.
they stream down, stain her attire;
white turns red as she expires.
rubies coat the bedroom floor,
you've lost another paramour.
eternally you had endeavored,
but by their blood you live forever.
:iconflightlessalbatross:FlightlessAlbatross 1 0
01 Introduction
welcome to my parlor
pardon the mess
i wasn't prepared
for having guests
ignore the bloodstains
on the walls and floor
i haven't had time
to change the decor
this house isn't haunted
well, mostly, at least
there are a few ghosts
left from the last feast
but come to the kitchen
for a nice cup of tea
and i'll tell you the story
of how this came to be
:iconflightlessalbatross:FlightlessAlbatross 1 0
Mon errance, clé des champs,
Au loin, près des falaises, la Crète
Loin, si près des dents aiguisée de l’horizon,
L’écume salée refroidis ta pale peau
Brûlée de caresse ta blanche nuque  
Lullaby mon voyage, un rêve,
Lullaby tes cheveux ondulées,
Lullaby  dressée sur la grève,
Lullaby tu m’emmène au loin,
Des vapeurs acres d’ammoniaques
Vers ces paysages d’éden ;
Des griffes du démon tu m’extirpes ;
Cette mer, ces rivages Indiens
Dans cette hutte de bois,
A rêver de dompter l’Océan
Jusqu’au tréfonds d’Orient, Hiérapolis
D’un autre moi, un  monde autre.
Mais cette âme emprisonnée
Dans les flammes du foyer
Te rappel à toi mais au je,
Que ces mirages
Sont éphémères dans l’exile
Dans la solitude de mon désert,
Là à genou aux pieds des matons
Dans leurs cent br
:iconslicerer11:slicerer11 1 0
Rose-scented Birthmark
Cyanotic star, stillborn fungi
The spirit of infection
Reproductive prisms, reproductive dimensions
Sweat, Leech skin and organ spores
Ptosis sunset, city gills
Blood spurts out as confetti
Organ plumage, eyelid offspring
Rib-cages in bloom
Umbilical cord lather, intravenous groping
Bull ant's religion
Ego leprosy, holocaust muscle
Soul in the colon
Nest of neurons, haemorrhaging flowers
Skeletons of skeletons of skeletons of fractals
Head socket, muscle plaits
96763 different facial expressions in one tapeworm
Hell lobes, amniotic yelp
A length of throat
Black hole meiosis, black hole mitosis
Bloody mental spaghettification
Compound eyes buried in the spine
Blood spots in albino hallucinations
Bruised, battered conjoined human sea
Benthic circulatory system, schizophrenic blood flow
Flock of blood clots, pod of livers
The fight for an airway
in a galaxy of face holes
(c) 2001-2006
:iconkaneholahan:KaneHolahan 1 0
1constantine by KingDOGart 1constantine :iconkingdogart:KingDOGart 2 0 1-writers by KingDOGart 1-writers :iconkingdogart:KingDOGart 1 0 1-potgoddess by KingDOGart 1-potgoddess :iconkingdogart:KingDOGart 1 0



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Artist | Varied
Не помещайте это в мое ухо, но в мою руку.
I'm a(n) eukaryotic organism, multicellular, and the culmination of endosymbiosis; a carbon signature manifestation that was previously a small part of a star.
Nuance, folks. It's all in the nuance.

Personal Quote: Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality. EAP


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